About Houses of Honor

In life we all have passions and we all have dreams, and sometimes they involve giving back and helping those around us.  Cathy Kohlbeck, a native to Wisconsin, has always had a passion for helping others, and dreamed of a way that she could give back to those in the community. She has a soft spot for those who choose to work in professions that continuously help others on a day to day basis, and a strong love for supporting our military and veterans.  As a Mortgage Loan Officer, she is constantly seeking ways to bring home ownership to life for people in the community and found a way to combine home ownership and her passion for giving back, to create the Houses of Honor® program.


Houses of Honor® is a program that provides discounts in different areas of home ownership, home maintenance, and personal financial stability.  Houses of Honor® Program Partners offer discounts to members of the community employed in specific occupations that serve the community on a daily basis.  As a thank you for their continued support for our communities, these program discounts assist them in owning and maintaining their homes and finding financial stability in their lives.  Houses of Honor® is dedicated to supporting the people that are employed in professions that give back to our communities.


We take pride in what we do.  We are honored to assist all of our clients and especially honored to give back to Houses of Honor clients.  Our program partners are reputable and trustworthy, with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the fields that they have mastered.  They are committed to excellence and the satisfaction of our clients, and are held to highest standards as House of Honor program partners.


Visit our Houses of Honor® Eligibility Page to find out if you may be eligible to participate in our program discounts!